Thursday, March 8, 2012

what happens next out of order...:)

Sculptures done by my Kindergarten Geniuses<3


It is so important for children to use physical, three- dimensional materials... Try Crayola's MOdel magic and 24 hours after the kids have sculpted their monsters or animals or abstract designs give them some watercolor paint and plates and tell them to create a background... watch what happens next:)

Draw from life

Drawing Before you Paint is sometimes so Important... use a mirror and draw yourself with the real things that surround you... It helps to be totally objective... Complete painting to come... almost done:)

Wrigley/ Incomplete Ideas and Thoughts

Wrigley the now 2 year old GoldenDoodle posing in front of some very unfinished watercolors I have been working on for years...Never give up on Unfinished work, never abandon your ideas... keep looking and then one day it will happen:)


This is the model for a series that I'm having Kindergarten through eighth grade become accustomed to and produce personal work inspired by contemporary collage... Let's see how the kids do? I'm sure I'll get some great stuff!! more updates to come...

Back from Hiatus

The Important thing is that I'm back... I won't bore you with humdrum details of life. but things are good , and art is On... within a day I'll be posting some student work that is almost done.. the kids have been busy!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Work in progres

Just to check in because I've been on hiatus....more paintings and drawings to come soon